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Since 2014, I’ve dedicated myself to experimenting and developing my craft and processes. I find inspiration everywhere I look, but most specifically love bridging realism, geometric shapes and my love for  the turquoise pop of color.


​I am originally from Honduras (Central America) and proud to be a Queer Latino owning my own business. - Ghost Ink Company (Sacramento, CA). This is important because I am committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and comfortable tattoo experience for all my clients. ​

Desde 2014 me ha dedicado experimentar y desarrollar mi arte y mis procesos. Encuentro inspiración dondequiera que miro, pero más específicamente amo unir el realismo, las formas geométricas y mi amor por el toque de color turquesa. ​


Soy originario de Honduras (Centroamérica) y estoy orgulloso de ser un hombre Latino gay y dueño de mi propio negocio. - Ghost Ink Company (Sacramento, CA). Esto es importante porque estoy comprometido a crear una experiencia de tatuaje segura, acogedora y cómoda para todos mis clientes.



"Los ojos muestran la fuerza del alma" 

Paulo Coelho

Tattoo Inquiry 

My home Tattoo Studio is Ghost Ink Company (3020 Freeport Blvd.) in Sacramento, CA. I do occasionally guest spot at Bay Ink Tattoo Gallery in San Diego. Prior to submitting an inquiry, please note the following:

  • Charge $200 per hour (Minimum of 5 hours) Minimum hours are based off of size of tattoo. I am looking for pieces that require minimum of 5 hours due to size and the detail. 

  • A $100 Non-Refundable Creative Fee is required to secure your Appointment​* 

    • My Creative Fee covers the cost of design creation and securing your appointment date. The Creative Fee does NOT go towards your overall tattoo session cost. As an artist, I take hours at home designing a piece that infuses your vision with my style.

  • SAN DIEGO Clients: Please note that my hourly rate in San Diego is $250 per hour. 

  • Tattoo appointments may be rescheduled once and must be done 72 hours prior to your original appointment time. Last minute cancelations or no-show of appointment will result in forfeit of $100 Creative Fee. 


Upload Reference Photo
Upload Reference Photo

Thanks for submitting!

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